Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Filling Gaps in Marketing Strategy by Integrating PR and SEO

Personal relations and digital marketing didn’t have anything to do with each other once. But since marketing trends have become more influenced by behaviors, an overlap between both these disciplines has expressed its happening loud and clear. With that said, we can assume with a warranty that an overlapping of PR and SEO is just a matter of very short time. Hence, the ideas regarding how to work on both these aspects in the most profitable way are worth discussing in this short note.

There are different ways we can integrate PR and SEO to make the marketing process more effective.

Educate yourself
If you are an expert in Personal Relations, you can learn about SEO and vice versa. Combination of content that can leave an impact on people’s behavior and the SEO factors such as keyword targeting, page rank and others can surely enhance results of marketing efforts. For this purpose, experts from both sides will have to have versatile approach.

Renew corporate structure
To create a marketing strategy that would involve PR and SEO working collaboratively, you might need to strategize everything all over again. It may sound harsh but this is the price that you will have to pay in order to make an effective marketing plan. Erasing everything in this scenario doesn’t mean that you need to start learning from basics. Of course the basic knowledge remains the same. You will have to work from the second step that usually involves making the marketing plan. a successful overlap will guarantee desired results.

Ensure better communication
If you can’t afford to revamp corporate structure, you need to establish better communication and cooperation to integrate PR and SEO. Better collaboration can be ensured with the help of even a simple weekly report email. That way, the PR will be able to establish a connection with the superior of business where SEO team wants to place the link. This type of teamwork isn’t possible when cooperation between departments isn’t good.

Optimizing PR content
The job of PR team often involves developing the type of content that could be used to target larger domain for the sake of building maximum PR connections. This is where SEO fits perfectly. Press releases developed for the purpose of building PR connections can be optimized using keywords, image alt tags, anchor texts and other off-page SEO factors to enhance their approach. Increase in ranking would surely help in obtaining better results.

Building relationships

PR teams are good at building relationships with different businesses and this is what can come handy for Indianapolis SEO team. Sometimes, you may need to request a superior of a reputable business to place your website’s link on their website. This process can certainly accelerate if you give those leads to PR team and let them build relationship. This way, the PR team can request them for the business link to be placed on their websites.

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